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In fully exterior insulated walls in which all the thermal insulation is located outside of the wall structure, the optimum placement of the windows/doors would be inline with the plane of the
exterior insulation. Consequently, the windows/doors will no longer directly rest on the walls. This configuration has caused some challenges for the construction industry in North America
with respect to the structural support and building envelope detailing around windows/doors.
Some attempts to address these challenges had involved building a plywood box around the windows/doors, or similar exploration in that nature. That said, those attempts have not
managed to offer holistic solutions; and in many cases, have introduced additional complications and practicality issues for certain detailing such air barrier continuity.
In summary, the lack of intuitive and practical solutions surrounding windows/doors detailing, has been one of the key reasons behind the hesitation of the construction industry in embracing the fully
exterior insulated wall approach. 

Session Format:
The session is 2 ½ hours long and was delivered as a webinar using an intuitive and easy-to-follow PowerPoint presentation, demonstrating the step-by-step installation process. This is the recording of the webinar converted to online format.
Learning Objectives:
By the end of this session, the audience will gain a holistic and practical insight towards:
• Structural support and building envelope detailing of windows/doors in fully exterior insulated walls.
• The most advanced building envelope practices associated with the continuity of air barrier, vapour retarder, thermal insulation, and rain penetration control around windows/doors.
• The necessary in-advance coordination with the window manufacturers and structural engineers.
• New products and systems to assist with the window and door detailing.

Course Length 2:29:42
Course Parts 3
CPD Value 2.5

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