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This is a recorded webinar through CHBA National on April 07, 2022, presented by Steven Cornelius, Residential Products Business Development Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc.

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Home construction techniques have seen some impressive advancements in recent years to the building envelope as we strive for greater energy efficiency. Yet most builders haven’t made big changes to the mechanical systems they’re installing. Point in case: the moist unused thermal appliance has a co-efficiency of performance of less than 1.

This webinar will explore the energy efficiency gains that heat pumps provide (3-5 times more efficient than conventional systems), as well as the air quality (no risk of carbon monoxide) and comfort (discharge air temperature is variable) benefits for the occupants. Participants will also learn about pairing a hydronic coil and a heat pump air handler run off the water heater, which allows a dwelling to reduce the amount of fossil fuel appliances and thus the carbon footprint.

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