Course Curriculum

This video recording is Part 3 of 3 of the full day session originally recorded on May 4, 2023 in Victoria BC.

The entire 3 part video series takes a deeper dive into the BC Energy Step Code metrics for Part 9 buildings and how to achieve Step 3 and higher through design and building techniques to build better and minimize costs. This content focuses on practical strategies for effective design, proper selection and installation of mechanical systems, and airtightness. Using real world examples and different housing archetypes from local climates, the presenters examine why some projects fail while others pass easily. This session is geared towards building and design professionals. Instruction will assume a basic understanding of the BC Energy Step Code.

In Part 3 you:

  • Review examples demonstrating good and poor insulation approaches used on garages
  • Identify pipe, wire, and panel placement and insulation best practices
  • Discuss and demonstrate the challenges around using spray foam
  • Showcase best practices in general construction techniques
  • Define and discuss embodied carbon
  • Perform a comprehensive review of an actual case study house build

It is recommended that you take each Part of this 3 Part series in order.

Course Length 02:00:32
Part/s 1
CPD Value 2

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