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This is a recording of an in person training session on April 19.

Join the CHBA Central Interior with Mark Bernhardt and Jordan Lester from Bernhardt Contracting.
Using data from The Bernhardt contracting data base the team will show what features and materials are working well and those that are not when it comes to the higher steps.  This two and a half hour session will also cover recent update and planned changes coming to step code.  In particular it will look deeply into the proposed Green House Gas targets and how that might affect mechanical systems.  

The session will assume that participants have at least a basic understanding of Step Code, and is targeted at buildings, mechanical suppliers and other trades. All assemblies and systems will focus on Step 3 or above.
What you'll hear:
                - The most common wall types for step 3-5
                - Most successful air barrier strategies step 3-5
                - Most common window performance Step 3-5
                - Most common mechanical systems step 3-5
                - frequent mistakes most common failures
Green House Gas (GHG) and me: How will this change the way I build?
                - What are the targets
                - how does this compare to what we build now
                - what might we need to change over the next 5 years

Course Length 2:17:00
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CPD Value 2

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